Remove temptation before it becomes a habit!

Unmask Addiction - Somerset County Health DepartmentHave you checked your medicine cabinet recently? Maybe someone else has…

When was the last time you went through the pill bottles, prescriptions and over the counter medications in your medicine cabinet and disposed of unused or expired medications? People make time to do their annual Spring cleaning, change the batteries in their smoke detectors and get the oil changed in their cars…but for many, cleaning out the medicine cabinet doesn’t make the list of To Do’s.

The risks involved with not safely disposing unused and expired drugs far outweigh the time it takes to actually clean out the medicine cabinet. You can prevent a potential opioid misuse occurrence and Somerset County Health Department can help!

Safe & Secure

Unmask Addiction - Somerset County Health DepartmentSomerset County Health Department is committed to providing a safe, simple and secure way to help law enforcement agencies and communities collect unwanted or expired medications including unneeded and/or prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs.

The Behavioral Health Department has partnered with local police departments in the installation of Drug Take Back Boxes.

Acceptable Deposits

  • Any expired or unused medication that comes in pill form, capsules or liquid in a bottle.
  • Non-liquid forms of medication can be in the original container or a zip lock baggies.

Unacceptable Deposits–These items should not be placed in the drug drop boxes

  • All medical waste.
  • Needles, lancets, syringes, and razor blades should be securely enclosed in a metal or plastic container and thrown in the regular trash.


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