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Maryland Good Samaritan Law

Know the facts:

In the state of Maryland, the Good Samaritan Law provides immunity from arrest or prosecution for people who summon help at the scene of an overdose. This law also protects a person from violation of a condition of pretrial release, probation or parole if the evidence of the violation was obtained as a result of a person seeking, providing or assisting with medical help to save someone from death from overdose.

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Somerset County Health Department Launches Good Samaritan Law Public Service Announcement to Encourage Overdose Witnesses to Call 911

People are afraid to call 911 when in the company of someone who overdoses on drugs. In this public service announcement, Princess Anne Police Chief Tim Bozman explains why people should call for help to save a life because the Good Samaritan Law will protect them from arrest.

Tim Bozman, Princess Anne Police Chief

“We rely heavily on people in our community to report overdoses. If they call 911 to provide aid to someone who overdosed, they will be protected and granted immunity. They are our eyes and ears and we need them to help save lives.”

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