Somerset County Health Department Promotes the Maryland Good Samaritan Law to Encourage Overdose Witnesses to Call 911
February 21, 2017

New billboard visible on Rt. 13 near Revells Neck Road, facing north, heading southbound

You won't be arrested. Call 911 to report an overdose!

WESTOVER, MD – February 21, 2017 – Most people don’t think twice about calling 911 when they see someone suffer a heart attack. Unfortunately the same is not true for all witnesses to a drug overdose. Many hesitate to call 911 for fear of getting in trouble with the law. What they don’t realize is they are actually protected by the law. In the state of Maryland, the Good Samaritan Law provides immunity from arrest or prosecution for people who summon help at the scene of an overdose. (more…)

August 23, 2016

Free 10 Minute Narcan Training!  on August 31st.

Family, friend or stranger, someone along your path could be dying of an overdose.


Through an officer’s eyes: Saving a life from overdose
May 18, 2016

“Through an officer’s eyes: Saving a life from overdose” that was featured in the Crisfield-Somerset County Times, on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016.

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Somerset County Health Department Partners with Local Law Enforcement to Promote National Take Back Day
April 27, 2016

WESTOVER, MD – April 27, 2016 – Many people don’t think to include the bathroom medicine cabinet to the spring household cleaning list.  That’s why so many unused and expired prescription pill bottles continue to fill space behind the cabinet door only to pose a risk for misuse or abuse in thousands of households across the nation. (more…)

Somerset County Health Department Launches Opioid Misuse Prevention Program
March 25, 2015

WESTOVER, MD – He goes to church. She teaches in a local school. He is a family member or maybe even a college football MVP. What these individuals have in common is hidden from the rest of the world. They struggle with opioid addiction.”The true face of addiction is not what people typically envision,” said Matey Barker, Somerset County Health Department, behavioral health director. “That’s why the images and messaging around our new Opioid Misuse Prevention Program promote ‘Unmasking Addiction.'”

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